Monday, October 19, 2015

Because Canada

SEPTEMBER 26, 2016 You know I need to post this because: 100 yards away from me two days ago. And: I told you so. Scroll.

NOVEMBER 4, 2015  It's official!

 Dear Prime Minister Trudeau:

OCTOBER 19, 2015 

"In Canada, better is always possible."

I introduce prime minister-designate Trudeau!

p.s. Historic victory—sincere congratulations to you, Sophie, and the team. 

OCTOBER 18, 2015 - ELECTION EVE UPDATE! Geez, it's here, and gosh, even the Post is saying "Liberals continue to surge". The National Post, I tell you. And now I need to pause. Because maturity. Read on.

Dear Monsieur Trudeau, 

Re-reading my post of May 3, 2011, I am embarrassed. I called you 

out. Like a 10-year old bully on a school playground. And I had nothing but some vague call to duty and a lame analogy. 

And you showed up. And now. This election, this vote, this victory is within reach. 

Of course you didn't show up because my quiet Canadian blog outed you. I know I have nothing to do with where you are today. Tonight. In a place and a mind space I cannot even fathom. On the verge of leading this incredible country and people who crave peace and stability, who covet hope and possibility, who need to be challenged and inspired to be better, stronger, kinder.

That's the cheese. I can't help it. I'm a hopeless optimist. When we met two years ago, that is the only thing I asked of you: to inspire a new generation. 

The cashier at my local grocery store was impressed that there was a pop-up poll booth on his university campus. Made it easy for him to vote. Allowed him to join the swell of his peers as they exercised their franchise. It took a full hour for him to deliver that final X. He didn't notice the time. "I voted Green," he proclaimed proudly. I wanted to hug him. Different colours, same democracy. 

Justin (as your campaign and the press call you—although lately that has morphed to "Liberal leader Justin Trudeau"), that student is the reason you are doing this. Putting your face, your family, your beliefs front and centre day after day, press punch after punch, slur ad after ad. It's not about Green. Or Blue. Or Orange. It's about giving a damn. I know that. I feel that. Who the hell would want to be a politician.

My vote Monday won't even help you get elected. It frustrates me. But I know how it works. This island is wrapped in ribbons of orange and green. My neighbours came by tonight to *suggest* I put my vote "where it could count". My vote counts no matter what the result. It counts because it represents me. And that's the whole point of democracy. Bonne chance, Justin. Thank you for taking on the bullies. Because Canada. 

DECEMBER 17, 2013 - MOST IMPORTANT AWESOME UPDATE! Fiona Bramble meets Justin Trudeau at the Victoria Conference Centre, at approximately 7:05 p.m. Yes, you saw it here first. 

APRIL 14, 2013 - ANOTHER IMPORTANT UPDATE! Justin Trudeau took 80% of the vote today to become the new leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. Watch this space in 2015. 

I'm totally not going to take credit or anything but Justin Trudeau has just announced his intent to run for the leadership of the Liberal Party. Ok. You're welcome.

May 3, 2011

Dear Monsieur Trudeau,

First, a hearty congratulations on your successful bid for Papineau. They are lucky to have you. You are a hard-working and dedicated MP. Your supporters behind you in the television frame on May 2nd looked as jubilant as you did serious. I can only assume you were feeling both relieved to be re-elected and heartbroken that your beloved Canada had sent your Party to the um...comment dit-on "doghouse" en français? Je suis désolé.

Of course you were terribly busy in the month of April, I realize, but did you catch the Royal Wedding by chance? I understand that anything related to the English monarchy might offend your French sensibilities, again, forgive me, but it was quite le spectacle!

Not garish at all, however, really just a quiet family wedding on a grand scale with some beautiful, dignified, and somber touches. Oh, and a hot maid of honour. All in all, a very appropriate event that also signaled the beginning of a new era and the gradual ascent of Prince William to the throne.

Now I know with some certainty that you will loathe what I write next, but, well, can you see any parallels with your position and Wills'? Any teeny, tiny similarities at all? Like, for example, a young man born of a mythical past in lockstep with an inevitable destiny? If that seems a bit much, how about: a hard-working, charismatic heir who represents a new generation?

You see, mon ami, as you tossed your dark curls in annoyance when, on election night, you were asked if perhaps the time had come for you to seek the leadership of the Liberal party - almost every liberal/Liberal Canadian was holding his or her breath. On the eve of the greatest defeat the Liberal Party of Canada has ever suffered, there was a collective pause, albeit brief, before you replied: non.

Much has been said regarding the failure and future of the Liberal Party since the fateful election that is but 7 days into history. Most of it doesn't matter one fig. Not une figue. Yet there is one fact that is not only obvious to all but necessary: the Liberal Party needs a new leader.

Not a leader who is arrogant or acts with the sense of entitlement that many say was the downfall of the Party, but one who has proven leadership, hard work, and dedication. This new leader also conjurs the single thing that is a political alchemist's gold: inspiration. You, mon ami, by virtue of birth or chance or determination, have this, this je ne sais quoi, that will inspire a new generation of Canadians.

Monsieur, you are no Prince Harry. You have chosen a path that is your destiny. You have quietly, diligently earned your place in the political court of Canada and now it is time to do what our dear Rex Murphy boldly and rightly referred to as your duty.

The men and women in your campaign office showed more than a little hope in their eyes as they held their breath that night and hoped what would come from your lips would be a resounding: OUI!

Let the inspiration begin. Vive la révolution!

Très sincèrement votre ,

p.s. please pardon my French

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