Saturday, March 23, 2013

VOTE 4 ME, my sister, my cousin, my dog's chew toy...

You know I love you guys. I do! I love your baby pics, your food pics, your mid-winter-I'm-in-Hawaii-toes-in-the-sand pics and your almost-3 a.m.-drunk-song posts. Totally love. And like, like, like. But then there's THE VOTE.

Please don't be mad when I call you (us) out on this. Because it's not your fault. Or mine for that matter. We've all been totally manipulated by the all-powerful survey monkey. Herein lies the problem:

Just the other day, I found myself on the edge of clicking a link to get to a link that would allow me to click to vote for the friend of a friend for god-knows-what. Seriously. I almost did this. I'm not even sure what stopped me. Perhaps it was the fresh air that blew into my office and brain at the very moment of clicking to a link to click to a link to..whoooooooosh. 

My next thought was: why? No, really, why? Who is Suzy? What does she do? And why in God's name would I vote for her?  

Yes, my dear friends and followers, we actually make completely uninformed decisions that may or may not have important consequences, like someone getting a kajillion scholarship dollars, getting on a national television program, or winning a pink stuffy. Or even perhaps, electing a Prime Minister. EVERY DAY. Uninformed. Every day. 

I understand that some of it is the point and power of social media. I believe anonymity plays a role. I also think we want to like and be liked. To show we care. And there is, of course, what I like to call: LAZI-ASS-NESS. It's just so darn easy. Click, link, click, VOTE. Phew, my social and political contributions made for the day. Time for Tims!

My dilemma? I still want to support you and yours. Vote for you and yours even. But now that my slippery slope has hit the buffer, I realize I need more from you. Tell me why it should be you. Or yours. Pretend you're Justin Trudeau and you want to lead the Liberal party. Because I'm already on your side; you just need to push me over the wall. 

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